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At Take Paws Pet Photography, your pet is one of the most valuable members of your family. That’s why we offer professional pet photography services that will capture their true essence. Contact us today to schedule a session!

Check out Trey – an 11 ish y/o Maine Coon Cat who presently lives with my brother in Florida.


I was shopping with my mom in Florida a few years ago and she said “I love this leopard – let’s take it home!” (not Trey – the soft fluffy blanket he is lying on). Once it was draped over the chair in my mom’s room he adopted it as his new home and it became our prime studio piece for pet photography.

So – let me say that I am not a trained pet photographer – but I can dream and hey, who doesn’t love taking pictures of people with their beautiful family members right?

I think that people and their pets have a bond with each other that is easy to photograph because of the love that is present. And while my secret fantasy career endeavor is to become a rock star, international pet photographer, for now, I’ll just continue taking photos of my friends and their pets.. and my pets. And just for fun, here’s a video…

Take Paws Pet Photography by S.A. Leys

This is Nate – he’s sleeping. Seriously, is there anything in the world more soothing than listening to your cat sleeping next to you on a cozy afternoon? Nah – I think not…

Last Christmas, I spent the day with my guy Spike. Spike’s a masterful young man who watches over his home all the time. Sometimes he gets to go outside and patrol the perimeter for small rodents and their friends but on this day, he put on his wonderful Christmas collar and gave me a warm “hello” when I arrived. Spike also has his very own instagram page!

This is Cali (below). Cali is a rescue cat from Florida. Her life was saved at a very young age when she was transported to a “no kill” shelter in Sarasota after she was born. She is a beautiful girl who has a wonderful personality and curiosity about her.

Chester is Nate’s brother. I adopted them together shortly after they were born. It was the first time I have ever adopted 2 kittens at the same time.

If you ever have the ability to adopt a rescue kitten, go for it!



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