New England Harbors: Damariscotta, Maine

Damariscotta, Maine / S.A.Leys Photo

This is the harbor in Damariscotta, Maine. It was one of my mom’s favorite places to sail with my dad whenever they went to Maine which was just about every other summer.

I had never been there until a few months ago. But seeing this view (above) and how great the town was with its fishing boats, restaurants, art, and antique shops and one of the best 5 & !0’s I have ever seen, I certainly I understood why they loved it as much as they did.

 Damariscotta, ME / S.A.Leys Photo

There’s something about New England harbors that takes my breath away. In this case the glistening ripples of the water and the warmth of the sun. Growing up in Rhode Island I spent a lot of time on the boat with them and would have many views just like this one in harbors from Mystic and Stonington to Kennebunkport and Nantucket.

Whenever we went on vacation, I always packed 2 – 3 books to take with me and would frequently glance up from the pages to see the beautiful views of each harbor we visited.

Once we went on shore we would spend time walking along the streets of each town looking at the shops and houses along the way. These adventures always seemed to end with ice cream before picking up fresh vegetables and seafood to have for dinner once we were back on the boat.

Then after dinner, more reading commenced before heading out the next morning to the next harbor and town.

If you ever have the chance to visit Damariscotta, go!

Loons and Ducklings and Ducks Oh My!

S.A.Leys Photography

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to spend time frolicking with friends on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. After a great lunch and spending time talking and reminiscing, we hopped onto their boat and went for a swim.

It was so great to be on (and in) the water on such a beautiful, summer day in New Hampshire.

Sitting in the boat while drying off, we engaged a few ducks who swam by to say hello. This was followed by several ducklings skimming above the water as they seemed to chase each other towards shore.

There was an eagle… followed by a seagull… (this is the point where I wish I could make this rhyme but.. nope, not today)… followed by a loon who was poised masterfully in the middle of the lake.

While I would like to say that this photo above is of the loon we saw, it is not because somebody (aka me) left their brand new Olympus Tough TG-5 – made exactly for moments and days just like these.. sitting in their bag back at the house.

The picture above was taken on a day when I was walking along the beach in Sarasota, FL. Not the same city, not the same duck.

So yesterday’s lesson was that sometimes you just have to look – not through the view finder but by opening your own eyes and just watching and capturing the moment in your mind. It was a beautiful, you should’ve seen it.

You can read more about “A Day In The Life of Common Loons” posted by the Loon Preservation Committee by clicking here.

And don’t forget your camera.

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