Castle Hill Lighthouse, Newport, Rhode Island
S.A. Leys Photography

Home: Newport, Rhode Island, USA

My “why”: I love photography – art that captures the fusion of texture, colors, shadows, light and perspective of that which we see and experience every day.

This picture above is the Lighthouse at Castle Hill (off of Ocean Drive in Newport). It’s one of the most beautiful lighthouses around because of the way it’s built into the rocks. While taking this photo from the land (ie; The Inn at Castle Hill), is a nice perspective, it’s also equally as beautiful when taken from the water (Oldport Marine offers wonderful harbor tours). Additionally, this lighthouse is only one of several beautiful landmarks and attractions you can see when visiting my hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. I’ve added some additional links below of places I would highly recommend visiting if you are here.

Growing up in Rhode Island was an exceptional experience in that the scenery, architecture, waves, wind and weather had a way of shaping my perspective of several areas of my life.

Most importantly I learned that in life, there is an ebb and flow to everything.

Top 10 Places To Go / Things To Do When Visiting Newport, Rhode Island:

AND – If you find your as addicted to Lobster Rolls as I am while visiting Newport, I’ve added additional ideas for great lobster rolls on my blog at www.letsjustthink.blog

The photography gear I use, LOVE, and would recommend highly, is as follows:

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