Endangered Florida Manatees

I remember when I first saw a Florida Manatee – I had been walking along a street that overlooks the Intercoastal Waterway close to my parents home. I heard what sounded like a snorting sound similar to an old man who was about to “hack a loogie” as my friends say. The glitch was that when I turned around to see the old man, there wasn’t one. There wasn’t anyone nearby and in looking I realized I was the only one on the street.

Until I saw the fin come out of the water – about 50 feet out into the bay. I stopped and watched as the snorting continued and then realized I was looking at a Manatee. As there were two or three of them together, I grabbed my phone and took this video (above).

Manatees are an endangered species that need to be protected. If you are near one, please be careful (especially if you’re in a boat as they frequently swim very close to the surface of the water).

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