Just As It Always Has


S.A. Leys Photography


Yesterday wasn’t my best day ever. For the majority of the day I slept a lot and wasn’t feeling well physically. But having had at least four phone calls with friends, I knew that there are some days like this and when they happen, you just keep going.

When I was younger and feeling the same way, my mom always recited that quote (not sure who it was from – maybe Victor Hugo..):

…and the sun will rise again in the morning, just as it always has.

In telling this to one of my friends late last night, I was informed that sunrise here in New Hampshire was at 6:33am.

“There’s no way I’m getting out of bed to watch the sunrise at 6:33 am” I said.

But life doesn’t always run on my time and sure enough, at 6:33, I was awake and watching the beginning of this new day.

The sun did rise again, just as it always has.

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