Remembering Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad: married for 60 years. If you have a marriage like theirs, don’t let it go.

A few days ago, I heard from one of Mom’s friends:

“Jan had such a full personality. Your parents were such a good match. They each had strengths the other did not and both respected and appreciated the other’s talents. Your Mother used to joke that she couldn’t do any finances. Your Mother planned all their vacations, entertaining so often and such a good cook ~ your Dad once said to me ‘I just hang on to her coattails and have wonderful times.’ Not all marriages appreciate each other’s talents and humour and allow that person leeway. Each of your parents were great on their own but as a team even better.”

Mom and dad were married for just over 60 years and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the ebb and flow of life, what creates a phenomenal relationship like there’s and how amazing it is to keep a marriage together for 60 years. If you have the type of marriage my mom and dad did, don’t ever let it go.

Be the team, find the individual ways you compliment each other and make each other a better person because of the talents, values and wisdom you bring. Don’t ever let it go.

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